Crime Prevention Programmes

Crime prevention programmes

In2Change carries out a series of programmes aimed to prevent young people and ex-offenders from becoming involved in criminal activities or recidivating.

“4 Change” Project (1 day)

A successful early intervention targeting young people, this intensive programme is hard-hitting and factual, charting the consequences of crime and prison life. The “4 Change” Project is an initiative that aims to reduce crime, anti-social behaviour and school exclusions amongst young people aged 10-17 and, in doing so, support the rehabilitation of existing prisoners within Her Majesty’s Prisons. 

This programme is aimed at young people who are the subject of Acceptable Behaviour Contracts, Anti-Social Behaviour Orders, Disruptive or Bullying Behaviour in schools, but it is clear that the prospect of a prison sentence does not deter them from committing further offences

Presented by ex-offenders and serving prisoners covering: 
Crime – Guns, Knives and Gangs
Role play
Prison – Court System 
Family life – consequences
Effects of low level substance misuse

Offender Resettlement Programme

To date In2Change have offered volunteer experience to 34  ex-offenders and serving prisoners. Of the 34 ex-offenders In2Change have worked with 10 have gone onto gain full time employment with the charity.  Of the 34 ex-offenders and serving prisoners that In2Change have previously worked with, less than 9% have gone onto re-offend. Compared to the national re-offending statistics of 29.6% it is clear that In2Change's strategy of engaging ex-offenders and serving prisoners in purposeful employment is instrumental in reducing re-offending rates.

"Driving4Change" Programme

In2Change is also working with the Safer Roads Partnership Team as part of an ongoing programme and has delivered presentations to over 400 employees and managers of various companies.  

"Action 2 Change" Programme

The Changes Project will use the life experiences of carefully selected ex-offenders and serving prisoners, to educate young people aged 14-19. It supports and challenges each young person giving them positive life choices, improved opportunities and addressing those misconceptions they may have about education, crime, prison life and the world of work.

A variety of workshops will offer the target group the opportunity to address underlying and fundamental issues which they may be facing such as:
 Substance Misuse
 Anger Management
 Offending Behaviour
 Poor Attainment
 No Qualifications
 Independent Living

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