Crime Prevention Programmes

Crime prevention programmes

In2Change carries out a series of programmes aimed to prevent young people and ex-offenders from becoming involved in criminal activities or recidivating.

“4 Change” Project (1 day)

A successful early intervention targeting young people, this intensive programme is hard-hitting and factual, charting the consequences of crime and prison life. The “4 Change” Project is an initiative that aims to reduce crime, anti-social behaviour and school exclusions amongst young people aged 10-17 and, in doing so, support the rehabilitation of existing prisoners within Her Majesty’s Prisons. 

This programme is aimed at young people who are the subject of Acceptable Behaviour Contracts, Anti-Social Behaviour Orders, Disruptive or Bullying Behaviour in schools, but it is clear that the prospect of a prison sentence does not deter them from committing further offences

Presented by ex-offenders and serving prisoners covering: 
Crime – Guns, Knives and Gangs
Role play
Prison – Court System 
Family life – consequences
Effects of low level substance misuse

Offender Resettlement Programme

We have provided 16 voluntary opportunities including 8 to ex-offenders and serving prisoners. All 8 ex-offenders who have worked with I2C have not only refrained from re-offending but have also gained full time employment and have successfully reintegrated back into their respective communities. I2C employ 4 ex-offenders.


In2Change is also working with the Safer Roads Partnership Team as part of an ongoing programme and has delivered presentations to over 400 employees and managers of various companies.  

"Action 2 Change" Program

The Changes Project will use the life experiences of carefully selected ex-offenders and serving prisoners, to educate young people aged 14-19. It supports and challenges each young person giving them positive life choices, improved opportunities and addressing those misconceptions they may have about education, crime, prison life and the world of work.

A variety of workshops will offer the target group the opportunity to address underlying and fundamental issues which they may be facing such as:
 Substance Misuse
 Anger Management
 Offending Behaviour
 Poor Attainment
 No Qualifications
 Independent Living

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