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In2Change is a ‘not for profit’ charitable organisation that aims to prevent young people and ex-offenders becoming or remaining involved in criminal activities. This is accomplished through targeted interventions designed and delivered by ex-offenders and serving prisoners. We hope to empower and encourage young people to make the right choices, form positive relationships and rebuild their confidence. We fulfill this aim by providing essential support and training to restore their attitudes towards authority, education, employment and the community.

Encouraging Development to Prevent Bad Decisions

By providing sustainable, relevant, motivating and purposeful activities for adults and young people, we support our beneficiaries to fulfil their true potential and equip them with the skills, knowledge, and aptitudes necessary to succeed in life and work.

Our History

In2Change South Yorkshire Ltd is a limited company by guarantee and charity registered in England and Wales. It was set up as a nonprofit organisation in December 2006, becoming a registered charity in February 2007 (1117814) and making the transition to a Limited Company by guarantee in April 2010. The aim is to expand and complement existing community-based projects, by offering advocacy and resettlement support back into the community.

Our Mission

Our mission will be delivered through each of our charitable actions – we aim to provide education and training, accommodation and housing support, contributing to economic and community development by creating employment and business start -up opportunities. The focus is placed on supporting our clients with their successful transition back into mainstream education, adulthood and a productive working life.

Our aims are:

 To address criminality amongst young people aged 10-25.
 To support young people back into mainstream education.
 To provide an alternative curriculum provision for schools and inclusion centres.
 To raise the attainment and aspiration of young people, improving skills in support of the transformation of our local economy.
 To build strong and trusting relationships with local partners.
 To assist with the rehabilitation and resettlement of offenders.

In addition to our charitable objectives, we want to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of the people in our community and identify any new challenges to help us provide a service that is valued

Objectives Set to Achieve Our Aims:

As a charitable organisation, In2Change will deliver a significant number of effective key interventions, programmes and support mechanisms designed:
 To preserve and reinforce our own strategic aims.
 To engage with key community partners and National Offender Management Services (NOMS), Councils and Schools
 To demonstrate how our service provision has a significant impact on the return of social investment
 To change attitudes amongst young people, improving their potential and prospects, bridging the gap of social exclusion
 To target school exclusions, truancy and anti-social behaviour amongst young people and, in doing so, supporting the rehabilitation of offenders reducing custodial sentencing within local communities
 To address and improve low self-confidence and self-esteem for our clients, giving them career improvement and employment opportunities
 To encourage all young people to have some ownership for their own progress, by offering and supplying them the tools in the form of mentoring and communication skills training, unit accredited work skills, planning and organisational skills
 To encourage good behaviour and prevent all forms of bullying and victimisation.
Rutland Hall History Page
We have recently relocated to Rutland Hall in Neepsend, Sheffield.  Help us restore this iconic building to its former glory and reinstate its founder Helen Wilson’s intentions, to provide a community centre to promote cultural, recreational and educational activities in the area. 
rutland hall building
There is a real need to resurrect this centre to enhance opportunities for the many disengaged and disadvantaged young people within the communities surrounding who are facing many difficulties in all areas of depravation comparative to those for which the building was originally constructed.  

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