Vocational Skills Programme

In2Change South Yorkshire Ltd have successfully been delivering the VSP (Vocational Skills Programme) for the past 3 years. This contract is ran in conjunction with schools and the local authority targeting disengaged young people in a bid to re-engage them into mainstream education. The processes of running this contract require quality assurance at an OFSTED level. The students we engage often have complex behavioural problems and needs. The vast majority have been expelled from mainstream education. Many of the students display criminalised behaviour and reside in areas of social deprivation. 

We currently work with several schools throughout the Sheffield region where we have delivered presentations to hundreds of young people on a range of issues they face.

To date 65 students have successfully gained a qualification with In2Change. Last term’s cohort achieved fantastic success with 27 out of 29 students achieving qualifications and units towards a qualification. The qualifications on offer are all accredited and are as follows:
 Entry Level 3: Skills in Training, Employment and Personal Development
 Level 1 in Construction Crafts
Entry Level 3: Skills in Training, Employment and Personal Development components:
  Addition and subtraction skills
  Addition and subtraction of money
 Customer service skills
 Equality and diversity
 Fitness, taking part in sport and teamwork
 Health and safety procedures in a work environment 
 Introduction for young people to law & order
 Problem solving in the work place
 Introduction to letter writing
Level 1 in Construction Crafts components:
 Health and safety certificate in construction
 Introduction to environmental sustainability
 Starting work in construction 
In addition to this, we offer non-accredited courses such as:
 Hair and nails
 Performing arts
 Healthy living and nutrition
 Boxercise coaching
 Presentation skills
 Creative music
Much of the work undertaken at In2Change is aimed at challenging the negative attitudes and misconceptions that students have towards education and helping them overcome personal barriers. This is achieved through specialist 1-to-1 intensive support. 

The In2Change team consists of specialists who have the necessary skills and relevant experience to deal with the complexity of the students. We are able to offer post 16 destinations through our excellent working partnerships with other agencies. We also offer voluntary opportunities with a view to full-time employment. 

All our staff undergo rigorous safeguarding training and are DBS-cleared. 

For those who can’t access the VSP (i.e. fall out of the catchment area), In2Change offer additional services including:
 Group sessions delivered at Schools
 1-to-1 mentoring support
 Assembly presentations
 Teacher training days
Locations that In2Change have previously delivered services:
locations of in2change
While the academic qualifications offered are in line with student attainment levels, In2Change’s primary focus is on changing attitudes and behaviour towards education and authority. 
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